COVID-19 Dental Pre-Screen

Virtual TeleDental Inspections and Root Canal Procedures

I Need Emergency Dental Care!

If you are in need of emergency dental care, such as a root canal procedure during this COVID-19 crisis, please start the pre-screening process by filling out this application and paying the pre-payment.

Dr. Bilski Speaks About The TeleDentist Services

Listen to this 10 minute conversation where Dr. Bilski explains the need for TeleDentist Center Exams during the COVID-19 outbreak. Follow the 5 steps to schedule your virtual exam. Dental pain is scary at anytime and you want to know who's going to help you?  This TeleDentist Center has been created to assist you during this time of need in our country.

Requirements To Apply

Please read the legal requirements to apply for this service from the American Dental Association document below...



CLICK HERE TO READ what constitutes a dental emergency during this COVID-19 outbreak.

If you feel that you align with what is stated in this documentation, please proceed to fill out the application.

Privacy Policy

Please click here for our Privacy Policy.

Follow These 5 Steps For Emergency Procedure Entrance

The following steps are necessary to be seen virtually by a dentist during this time. By filling out this application, this will assure a faster response time.

  1. You will be asked to complete or participate in a TeleDental video examination from your smartphone or computer.
  2. You will receive the address and location for an in-car thermal scanning of your temperature.
  3. Admission will be granted or denied based on temperature.
  4. If granted entrance, you will be seen by a dentist and receive further instructions based on your condition.
  5. You may decide on moving forward with the prescribed procedure at that time or not.

To get started fill out the application below and moving forward when this crisis has been defeated you can be comfortable knowing your health has been optimized.

To schedule a TeleDental exam please fill out the registration to secure an appointment:

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